SEO website promotion – landing page!

One of the great benefits of SEO optimization is that your content continues to pay dividends over time, long after the campaign is already over. Landing pages are usually optimized for conversions, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be optimized for SEO.

Why do you need landing page promotion?

For a long time there was a competition between contextual advertising and SEO. And while both traffic generation strategies have their pros and cons, one of the best arguments in favor of advertising has always been that it attracts more targeted traffic.

But organic search engine optimization can also produce targeted traffic if you direct and qualify it properly. Landing pages are the perfect tool for this. If you add the ability of a landing page to be able to focus and convert free traffic from search engines, it can monetize organic traffic just as effectively.

The fact is that ranking landing pages has always been a bit tricky. It is believed that their reputation is a bit “tricky”. But in fact, landing pages follow almost all standard SEO guidelines for other types of content. Yes, they are a little different, but the same principles apply.

So, to help you rank your landing pages and get free leads, here are seven of the most effective search engine optimization tactics for landing pages.

How to promote Landing Page.

  • Speed up the page. Landing pages should be designed for conversions. And if you want conversions, you need pages that load quickly. Google’s “Check My Site” tool not only shows you how fast a particular page loads, but also allows you to compare the performance of that page against several of your competitors’ pages. If your landing pages are slower than recommended, don’t worry. You are definitely not alone. It has been found that only 15% of landing pages load within Google’s recommended time period.
  • Choose your keywords wisely. The keywords you choose to optimize your landing page will determine whether it will be successful or not. Here are a few things to consider about this huge issue:
    – You want to choose keywords that get enough traffic that it justifies having a landing page itself. But low frequency keywords don’t offer any hope of ranking your landing page high.
    – Not all keywords convert at the same rate and not all keyword conversions are worth the same. You can very easily choose, say, 20 random keywords to create landing pages. But the number and value of leads for those keywords will not be the same. An experienced marketer knows and is able to find a few “money” keywords that convert well and turn into real income. Create pages that are optimized for these conditions.
  • Use H1, H2 tags and all other basic HTML markup that search engine crawlers are looking for. This is SEO rule #1… and yet it’s amazing how often we forget about these fundamental HTML tags. So why are they important? The H1 and H2 (and H3) tags are used by search engines to determine the content of your pages. They are the basic elements of a page for search engine algorithms, and their absence can hurt rankings. Do you have ALT tags for all images on your landing pages? Don’t forget them! Because image searches can be a lucrative source of traffic.
  • Think of your meta description tags as ads. Adding well-written title tags and meta descriptions is just the beginning. Smart marketers test their meta descriptions. Google Ads makes this especially easy because the format of text ads is very similar to the format of title tags and meta descriptions. And if your meta descriptions are as engaging as your ads, they have just as much chance of being seen.
  • Publish landing pages on your website, not on a subdomain in a landing page builder tool. Most marketers don’t do this, but it’s pretty important. Keep the landing pages on your website. Link to landing pages from other pages on your site. Share that link mass where it makes sense. And use all the hard work you’ve done to build an authoritative, well ranked website by putting landing pages on it.
  • Build landing page links.Getting link mass from your pages is just the beginning. If you want to rank, you need to find or create links to this new landing page from other websites. This will require a lot of work and some finances. Sharing information about the landing page on social media is also relevant. You may even have to write some guest posts and provide a link to your resource. But before you start building links, think about how valuable your page really is. Why would someone want to link to it? This means that you need to offer more useful information on your landing page. Sometimes original research or the results of interactive tools can be enough to increase the value for visitors so much that they will exchange links without your participation.
  • Make your landing page popular on social media.
    It is rare to see a landing page get a lot of reposts on social media, but if you really offer something very valuable, it can happen. If you want your landing page to get more social media shares, you should add social media sharing buttons to it. But there are other ways to get more social shares… like installing a WordPress plugin that only allows access to content after a visitor has shared a specific link online.
  • Add an interactive tool to your landing page and allow people to share the results they get when using that tool, such as their results in a quiz or assessment. There are many creative ways to get the quality leads you need and give your visitors a great, valuable experience.

What tasks can seo landing page promotion solve?

Following these tips will help your content to take the first positions in search engines for months and years in the future. As a result, you will be able to turn each new landing page you create into a long-term resource that holds a leading position long after your initial paid campaigns around them have ended.

SEO for landing page – does it work?

We all want fast results, but don’t make the classic mistake of optimizing landing pages solely for the first step in your sales funnel. What we really want is actual revenue. Sales. A so-called contribution to the pipeline. But if you can harness even a fraction of the free organic traffic coming to your site and convert it into grateful and loyal customers with optimized SEO landing pages, you’ll be contributing to those bigger goals. Start making money from search engine traffic!