Tips and rules for running Facebook. How to use Facebook for business?

Facebook is the world’s largest social network, serving billions of people every day. Its widespread use has made it ideal for companies looking to endorse their products and services. And because of the site’s remarkable ability to connect users into groups, what could be better for targeted marketing? Nevertheless, there are many tricks that give companies the opportunity to create effective marketing strategies that can definitely grab the attention of readers. The guide we have here will help you increase your audience and attract a lot of customers with the latest methods.

1. Create a business page.

The first step to creating a business page is to create your Facebook profile. Pages cannot be created directly and must be done through a personal account. From here, the user must click on the “Create” section on the home screen. After clicking on “Create”, one simply needs to select the “Page” option.

The “Page” option then offers two options. Either creating a business page or a community page. Creating one for a business needs the name, address and category of the company. The information that is entered will become publicly available.

Next, you can add a profile picture, cover photo. Contact designers to develop your corporate identity for you. Items such as services, photos and much more should be filled in. Invite your friends to like your page.

2. Add a call to action button for visitors

This is the easiest way to attract more fans. The button is inserted under the right corner of the cover.

There are buttons available that can be added:

  1. Book an appointment
  2. Order
  3. Contact you
  4. Learn more about the company
  5. Shop
  6. Download an application or game

All buttons directly link the user to the action. This is a quick way to move fans from a FB page to a website or meeting.

3. Enable SEO tactics to optimize the page for search engines.

It is very important to optimize your FB page for search engines. It is similar to SEO optimization of a website. Your business page should not just be interesting to attract the attention of fans, but also appear in search engines. Thus, on-page optimization is a must.

The first step is to identify keywords. Successful use of keywords will help the page to appear earlier in the search results. The words should tell readers what the company is about in the simplest terms. Then they should be placed throughout the text.

The second step is to create a memorable username. It will appear in the text of the URL, which readers will be able to see when browsing links. An appropriate and relevant name will help the page appear earlier in the results. A random name is assigned initially, but can be changed after 25 likes.

4. Avoid pushy sales

Too strong promotion of goods and services can cause a negative reaction from fans. The main purpose of Facebook is to be a social network.

A common mistake that companies make is to constantly promote products. Fans can be annoyed by too frequent posts that promote the same product. An effective way to reach the market is to encourage communication on certain topics. By engaging people, the post becomes much more effective. This can be done by sharing daily updates or posting new market trends.

5. Set the target audience

Before starting campaigns, it is better to get a clear idea of who your target audience is. By identifying the market, it becomes easier to find people who are likely to show interest in the page.

So attracting members will be easier. Facebook data tools make it easy to advertise to specific groups, locations, gender or demographics. Judging by the target audience, the company will be more successful.

6. Start posting on your new Facebook business page!

The content on the page is an endless opportunity to learn about what interests your followers. Social media is informal, so your profile should be no different. Ask questions, ask for feedback or invite them to a presentation of a new service or product. Your followers will gladly accept the invitation and be more loyal. Build a good relationship with your Facebook fans. They will repay you in kind!

Post relevant content on a regular basis. An outdated page is even worse than its complete absence. Aim for at least one post a day, but don’t spam!

7. Create videos for Facebook.

Posting videos is an easy way to attract the attention of fans. They require little contact with users, but still a decent exchange of information. The video can advertise new products or simply promote a service.

With live video, businesses can interact with subscribers. This opportunity can be used to answer questions or discuss upcoming events.